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SIX - Brazil about to produce Semiconductors

There are few countries capable of producing semiconductors and Brazil is VERY close to join this select team .
This is thanks to the dream and determination of mr. Wolfgang Sauer , who for many years presided Wolkswagen the president of Brazil.
Reportedly Mr. Sauer both loved our country that ended up taking Brazilian citizenship . He wanted to contribute our
country seeking to make this strategic item of great value, it is impossible to imagine our civilization without it: the Chips.
Then the SIX project was born . Which she herself, on her site , described the company:

"SIX Semiconductors SA (SIX ) is the result of a partnership between SIX Intelligent Solutions , the National Bank for Economic and Social Development ( BNDES , the Development Bank of Minas Gerais ( BDMG ) , IBM ( NYSE : . IBM ) , Matec Investments , and Infinite Technology WS - Intecs the total investment is approximately U.S. $ 1.2 billion to build the most modern semiconductor factory in the southern hemisphere 's industrial unit is . being installed in Ribeirão das Neves ( MG ), a city in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte , and allow the country to join a high-tech industry , with strong domestic and international demand , supplying to virtually nonexistent supply local components".

"SIX Semiconductor chip manufacture for use in industrial and medical applications. Your competitive edge will be the creation , development and production of custom integrated circuits , operating in niches and consequently obtaining higher margins than in mass production of semiconductors."

The share of the market and the government's SIX project is strategic , relevant and necessary to Brazil. And conforms to what I was writing the book, The Sociocapitalism - for a Better World. For this reason I was happy to read a tiny article in the newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo today ( 13/01/2014; titled "Semiconductors - Argentine comes to the country to buy slice of Eike at Six " .

The article says : "The Argentine billionaire Eduardo Eurnekian, president of Corporación América, landed today in Brazil to negotiate the purchase of 33 % stake and the Eike Batista has the factory Six Semiconductors".

As this is a strategic item to any country not discount the possibility that our Argentine " brothers" came to Brazil with approval from the Argentine government, then our partner in Mercosur . And this partnership Mercosur is particularly strategic to put Latin America in the first world in this century.

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