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Historian writes book with conclusions similar to the "Sociocapitalism for a Better World"

See the book review published in folhaonline:

"In" The Great Degeneration ", Niall Ferguson, a British historian specializing in the history ... financial and economic, argues that the decline of the West, prophesied long ago is happening.

Ferguson reveals some causes of this degeneration:

Financial corporations have corrupted the U.S., says author

'Inside Job' exposes blame for the 2008 crisis

'The world economy is shattered, "says economist

Ferguson assesses the slow growth of the economy, high debt, weak laws, the population increasingly older and antisocial behavior as some symptoms of decay.

According to the author, this happens due to the decline of representative government, free markets, the rule of law and civil society.

"Civilization", "The Logic of Money", "Empire: How the British Did the Modern World", "The Ascent of Money" and "Colossus" are other books by Niall Ferguson. "

Source: folhaonline.com.br

Read the e-book "The Socioapitalism for a Better World", and check. Free on: www.slideshare.net / pjvalente /the-sociocapitalism

Paulo José Valente

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Letter to former "socialist" Arnaldo Jabor - columnist of the newspaper O Estado de São paulo - Brazil.

"Lantern Stern" for Arnaldo Jabor - columnist for The State of São Paulo

My comments sent by e-mail today to Arnaldo Jabor:

Mr. Arnaldo Jabor

I read your article "The Return of Korean Brazilians" and partly agree with him. With the fall of the Berlin Wall and the disintegration of the USSR communism collapsed in spite of the fact some countries like North Korea, Cuba and China try to give the same survival. However, this does not mean that capitalism emerged victorious because he is rapidly changing as Peter Drucker - the father of modern management, predicted in his book After Capitalism (published in 1993).

His articles often refer the reader for a "was that it was" unclear regarding the time and breaking global live where ever occur profound changes in political, economic and social change. That is already changing capitalism, "market socialism", the corrupt representative democracy, international trade, the UN, among others.

So, to give light on these issues, and perhaps to restore the dignity of his past "socialist"; suggest that Mr.. read eBook "The Sociocapitalism - for a Better World", available free in: www.slideshare.net/pjvalente/the-sociocapitalism. I remember that the term "sociocapitalism" was a term coined by Peter Drucker, though fallacious, as described in the above book.

Surely you will be amazed.

Thank you for your attention,

The author - @ pjvalente