sábado, 12 de abril de 2014


In physics , magnetism precisely the opposite poles attract. For example the positive pole of a magnet will attract the negative pole of another magnet. On the other hand, the like poles repel.
Have the principles of spiritual attraction are opposed to the aforementioned physical magnetism . In the case of " spiritual attraction " the symbolically "positive " good spirits attract good spirits . And the bad spirits - symbolically negative , attract others of their ilk .
It is for this reason that good people attract equal; and bad or corrupted feel comfortable in the presence of equally morally corrupt people.
When a person has good in his circle of friends a bad person ; one of two things . Or is she naive or ill person is very well disguised ... For Friendship can not bear good fruit ...
A medium or evocative of good character always has in mind the law of spiritual attraction. Using it sparingly for the good of others . And for himself in regard to his spiritual progress

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