segunda-feira, 12 de agosto de 2013

Who cares Legalizing Drugs?

The issue of drugs is a complex issue. While some try to "sell" the idea that if governments legalize the consumption of drugs, the "social side effects" they produce would diminish greatly. To achieve this ambitious project of interest and obscure, traffickers and sympathizers of drugs and spare no effort or resources. And use unscrupulous corrupt capitalist media for their selfish intentions. Where the power of money trumps the public interest, ethics and human dignity.
The easy access and legalized drugs is the fastest way to corrupt a society to take her to the bottom. Obviously, the person who defends silly proposals of this type, have vested interests or is naive or ignorant. And, indeed, sets aside the historical example of how the drug in the past led the Chinese people to bend to the British empire. And in this case the drug was opium. Because of this, now the drug dealers were shot in China as exemplary punishment. And the Chinese example is no exception. As I write these lines, have a Brazilian in Thailand awaiting execution of the death sentence. For he was accused of trying to introduce drugs illegally in the country by hiding it in her bakes delta.
Therefore, to legalize the drug has some issues "secondary" will have to be answered to society. Traffickers in their greed for "loyal" customer by addiction spare children? Which drugs will be allowed? Opium, heroin, cocaine, marijuana? What? Who will bear the highest social cost of this deployment, in which case are: premature deaths by usage, absenteeism from work, chemical dependency treatment, deaths caused by the use or trafficking of drugs (conflicts between traffickers by the best points) or deaths induced altered state of the criminal who used the drug to commit the crime. The drugged to commit a crime shall be deemed unable too? Be permitted drugs in prisons, as allows the "conjugal visits". And criminal laws already so permissive and benefiting criminals at the expense of the citizen and will be softer yet? The legalization of drugs will decrease even violence?
To all these questions the Chinese example became apparent that the release of drug consumption is not a good idea for society as a whole. And that is why there are traffickers sentenced to death, like Thailand too.
Ultimately, inquire if interested in releasing the drugs are not the same people as always: ambitious, degenerates, criminals, drug dealers and corrupt?

sexta-feira, 9 de agosto de 2013

There are vampires?

Personally I do not believe in vampires, nor know someone who knows. I speak of vampire who sucks blood, which can live "a thousand years", which prevents the light of day and so on. Anyway, the vampires of film and tv that both delight the youngsters. A good example is the film "Lincoln - Vampire Hunter", a metaphor evident to label escravocatas who stole the blood and ... the work of blacks. However, consider the "vampires" as a good metaphor about the spirits of deceased people, which still roam among the living to harass certain people vulnerable. To these call "psychic vampires" that are denominated in spiritism obsessing.
And what they have in common obessores spirits or psychic vampires, the vampires that suck blood from film and TV?
Have in common the fact that they always suck vital energies of the people. What if the vampires of the screens is the blood and vampires or spiritual obessores is the subtle energy of the aura and ectoplasm. In any case it always causes inconvenience to persons or vampirized obssediadas. So I am researching the subject thoroughly to write a book about the "Spiritual Vampires", the intention of the people to know this matter and protect themselves from their assaults, for they are among us. A fact that I could experience in my life psychic.


People of good soul and "lighthearted" certainly attract good spirits. The benevolent spirits. On the other hand bad people and "heavy heart" attract the unclean spirits. The obsessive spirits. And they certainly cause disorders in the person's life or obssedidada vampirizada spiritually. As you wish.
The Spiritual Law of Attraction is the maxim: "Tell who your friends are and I will tell you who you are."

Mysteries of Heaven

"The last word has not been said divine. Facts and truth will change back. Mysteries of the universe are infinite and they are revealed to the initiated few, according to the degree of evolution of each and every time."
@ pjvalente - quote from the book of my own - The Spirit of Light.
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terça-feira, 6 de agosto de 2013

I am a happy man

According to the Chinese proverb happy and fulfilled is the man who planted a tree, which is the parent who wrote a book. I am that man. But not only that. I am happy because every day I struggle to tame my ego and be humble, to love God above all things, to honor and dignify my friends, family and my country. I am happy in spite of my faults and unhappy moments. I am happy despite the weather be squandering my "facade" because while this time brings me wisdom and spirituality. I am happy because I bring alive the soul that one day the child was.

Wanderer of the City of São Paulo - Brazil

Walking is good and you discover different worlds.
Once crossed on foot the city of São Paulo from end to end. At the time I was the West Zone - av. Intercontinental, until the Horto Florestal located in the North Zone. And I was alone. It took me over six hours that Sunday gray and cold, to go through the 33 km of route. On the way I saw so many things that do not ever forget. For example, a c ... achorro dead that made me reflect on the brevity of life and death. And in av. Pacaembu saw robbers fleeing abandoning an old house and well maintained an office where he works. Later when I got near the Campo de Marte could enjoy the flight of smoke making changes and leaving smoke trails in the sky. Already in Santana, went into a church to admire its murals and rest a bit. Next to the Horto Florestal located in the hills of Cantareira admired that beautiful neighborhood with trees reminiscent of the beach cities of fresh air. When he finally got to the Horto Florestal could enjoy that wonderful park, although he was exhausted. Lying in the grass I saw flocks of squirrels and monkeys that roamed the trees looking for food. The sun at that moment had already dissipated the gray clouds and revealed the intense blue sky with few clouds.
The purpose today, as I walked down the Pinheiros neighborhood around the church Cross pie, as I do almost every single day.