quinta-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2013

Yoani Sánches - El cubano blogger inteligentes y patrióticos

Hoy he visto la entrevista de la bloguera cubana en tiempo real en Internet. Confieso que me quedé sorprendido por las respuestas inteligentes a lo que ella respondió a las preguntas. No es que lo que parecía ser un agente de la CIA o de cualquier organización militar o con fines políticos que tienen oscuros, que atentan contra el pueblo cubano. Y mucho menos que es un traidor a su pueblo. Yoani simplemente quieren la libertad y la prosperidad para Cuba. Después de todo la libertad es un derecho natural de todo ser humano.

En realidad, la crítica Yoani tiranía de los Castro se acerca y sin duda contribuirá a una nueva página en la historia prometedor futuro de su país. Así que ahora voy a enviar un e-mail felicitando ella para la gran entrevista y por su defensa de la "libertad - aunque tardía".

Aprovecho este texto para reforzar lo que he escrito en Twitter, mi blog y sobre todo el eBook La Sociocapitalismo - para un mundo mejor - que en el mundo actual no hay más espacio para las dictaduras. Y es por eso que están cayendo uno por uno. Por lo tanto, queda claro que los días de la dictadura cubana también están contados. Y esa claridad se debe en gran parte a Yoani, informa en su blog que la pesadilla que fue el régimen comunista en Cuba, que hace que la gente sufrir tanto. Esta pesadilla que tanto ella como el pueblo cubano desea terminar.

Yoani Sánches - The Cuban blogger intelligent and patriotic

Today I watched the interview of Cuban blogger in real time on the Internet. I confess I was amazed at the intelligent answers to which she replied to questions. Not that it seemed to be an agent of the CIA or any military organization or political purposes that have obscure, that attempt against the Cuban people. And much less that it is a traitor to his people. Yoani simply want freedom and prosperity to Cuba. After all freedom is a natural right of every human being.

Actually criticism Yoani tyranny of Castro brother is coming and will certainly contribute to a promising new page in the future history of his country. So now I will send you an e-mail congratulating her for the great interview and for his advocacy of "freedom - if belated."

I take this text to reinforce what I have written on Twitter, my blog and especially the eBook The Sociocapitalism - for a Better World - which in today's world there is no more space for dictatorships. And that's why they're falling one by one. So it becomes clear that the Cuban dictatorship's days are also numbered. And that clarity is due in large part to Yoani, reports on his blog that the nightmare that became the Communist regime in Cuba that makes people suffer so much. This nightmare that both she and the Cuban people want to end.


sábado, 16 de fevereiro de 2013

The "e-direct democracy" against corruption

"Have you ever stopped to think if you can take money out of bank machines arranged anywhere safely possible, because the people have no electronic facilities similar to exercise their democratic power in real time, via" direct e-democracy "'Cause the government hinders both the people exercise their power directly, if on the other hand facilitates both capitalists exercising their?

The "e-direct democracy" is a gift to the people because it will enable the voter, at any time, anywhere via the Internet, participate in:
- Forfeitures of political mandates;
- Participatory Budgeting;
- Initiatives popular
- Referendums, and
- Plebiscites.

And do not tell me that this is impossible, because the current state of information technology, already allows citizens to exercise direct democracy effectively and in real time. Proof of this, the president of the Brazilian Supreme Electoral Court, Mr. Ayres Britto has revealed that the forthcoming elections in the country, a card with chips replace the old voter. And it will allow the voter to vote on transit, ie, vote even outside of their precinct.

The electronic ballot title is an advance toward so-called "e-direct democracy", whose implementation will depend exclusively on popular will and nothing else. Therefore the people must demand and fight for it to be implemented as soon as possible.

The "e-direct democracy" enable workers united and well informed fully exercise the power. And this will be through a democratic and peaceful they share the capitalist profit. In this case the class struggle will be virtually extinct, because the wealth derived from employment will be shared between workers and capitalists. And that occur in major nations of the world this century. "

Source: The Sociocapitalism - for a Better World. Free in: www.slideshare.net/pjvalente/the-sociocapitalism

quarta-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2013


"The U.S. will have more impact on the evolution of the international system over the next 15 - 20 years than any other actor, but will have less power in a multipolar world than they had in many decade. Due to the relative decline of its economy and to a lesser degree of its military might, the U.S. will no longer have the same flexibility of choice among many policy options. "

   Source: Global Trends 2025: a transformed word, The National Intelligence Council

  The conclusion reached by the National Intelligence Council of the U.S. on this issue, is the same as mention in the book The Sociocapitalism - for a Better World, written before the "Global Trends 2025", but with a crucial difference. In the book I explain the causes of the end of American empire, now that the "Global Trends" recognizes. Plus, the book moves on horizon and describes the model of post-capitalism mentioned by Peter Drucker, albeit fallaciously, in his book "Post-Capitalist Society" written in 1993. Hence the importance of reading the book "The Sociocapitalism - for a Better World," which is spreading across the planet in the English version. You also read the book.
    It's free at: www.slideshare.net/pjvalente/the-sociocapitalism