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Many people have love a tiny, distorted vision . Some even think that love is a "thing " that should not have , or that it is a woman thing . Do you really think that "love " , this limited view , it naive , weak , and unprepared for today's world . Actually they are quite mistaken about this. That is precisely why they do not understand the teachings of Jesus, but call themselves Christian . And I tell you , they are spiritually sick and need to take care , lest adentrem further in "negative spiritual circle " of like-minded people who help to further aggravate the spiritual pathology.
Considering the love in the bigger picture ( holistic ) , which both Jesus preached , is point out that reading the book by Marianne Williamson - The Law of Divine Compensation . Because it treats the theme of love in the whole he deserves a simple and profound at the same time. Admittedly, knowing the fullness and breadth of love , so if you get a "new world " . A new life , with better health , intelligence , happiness . Hence the true spiritual progress. And that in itself is a miracle , and he can be reached by all.


In physics , magnetism precisely the opposite poles attract. For example the positive pole of a magnet will attract the negative pole of another magnet. On the other hand, the like poles repel.
Have the principles of spiritual attraction are opposed to the aforementioned physical magnetism . In the case of " spiritual attraction " the symbolically "positive " good spirits attract good spirits . And the bad spirits - symbolically negative , attract others of their ilk .
It is for this reason that good people attract equal; and bad or corrupted feel comfortable in the presence of equally morally corrupt people.
When a person has good in his circle of friends a bad person ; one of two things . Or is she naive or ill person is very well disguised ... For Friendship can not bear good fruit ...
A medium or evocative of good character always has in mind the law of spiritual attraction. Using it sparingly for the good of others . And for himself in regard to his spiritual progress

segunda-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2014

SIX - Brazil about to produce Semiconductors

There are few countries capable of producing semiconductors and Brazil is VERY close to join this select team .
This is thanks to the dream and determination of mr. Wolfgang Sauer , who for many years presided Wolkswagen the president of Brazil.
Reportedly Mr. Sauer both loved our country that ended up taking Brazilian citizenship . He wanted to contribute our
country seeking to make this strategic item of great value, it is impossible to imagine our civilization without it: the Chips.
Then the SIX project was born . Which she herself, on her site , described the company:

"SIX Semiconductors SA (SIX ) is the result of a partnership between SIX Intelligent Solutions , the National Bank for Economic and Social Development ( BNDES , the Development Bank of Minas Gerais ( BDMG ) , IBM ( NYSE : . IBM ) , Matec Investments , and Infinite Technology WS - Intecs the total investment is approximately U.S. $ 1.2 billion to build the most modern semiconductor factory in the southern hemisphere 's industrial unit is . being installed in Ribeirão das Neves ( MG ), a city in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte , and allow the country to join a high-tech industry , with strong domestic and international demand , supplying to virtually nonexistent supply local components".

"SIX Semiconductor chip manufacture for use in industrial and medical applications. Your competitive edge will be the creation , development and production of custom integrated circuits , operating in niches and consequently obtaining higher margins than in mass production of semiconductors."

The share of the market and the government's SIX project is strategic , relevant and necessary to Brazil. And conforms to what I was writing the book, The Sociocapitalism - for a Better World. For this reason I was happy to read a tiny article in the newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo today ( 13/01/2014; titled "Semiconductors - Argentine comes to the country to buy slice of Eike at Six " .

The article says : "The Argentine billionaire Eduardo Eurnekian, president of Corporación América, landed today in Brazil to negotiate the purchase of 33 % stake and the Eike Batista has the factory Six Semiconductors".

As this is a strategic item to any country not discount the possibility that our Argentine " brothers" came to Brazil with approval from the Argentine government, then our partner in Mercosur . And this partnership Mercosur is particularly strategic to put Latin America in the first world in this century.

SIX - Brasil prestes a produzir Semicondutores

São poucos os países capazes de produzir semicondutores e o Brasil está MUITO próximo a ingressar nesse seleto time.
Isso graças ao sonho e determinação do sr. Wolfgang Sauer, que por muitos anos presidiu a Wolkswagen do Brasil.
Segundo consta o sr. Sauer tanto amava nosso país que acabou assumindo a cidadania brasileira. Ele desejava contribuir
com nosso país buscando fabricar esse item estratégico de grande valor agregado, que é impossível imaginar nossa civilização sem ele: o Chips.
Então nasceu o projeto SIX. Que a empresa sintetizou em seu site assim:

"A SIX Semicondutores S.A. (SIX) é o resultado de uma parceria entre a SIX Soluções Inteligentes, o Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social (BNDES), o Banco de Desenvolvimento de Minas Gerais (BDMG), a IBM (NYSE:IBM), a Matec Investimentos, e a Tecnologia Infinita WS-Intecs. O investimento total é de aproximadamente R$ 1,2 bilhões para construção da mais moderna fábrica de semicondutores do hemisfério sul. A unidade industrial está sendo instalada em Ribeirão das Neves (MG), cidade da região metropolitana de Belo Horizonte, e permitirá que o país ingresse em um setor de alta tecnologia, com forte demanda nacional e internacional, suprindo a praticamente inexistente oferta de componentes locais".

A SIX Semicondutores fabricará chips para utilização em aplicações industriais e médicas. Seu diferencial competitivo será a criação, o desenvolvimento e a produção de circuitos integrados customizados, operando em nichos e obtendo, consequentemente, margens maiores do que na produção em massa de semicondutores."

A participação do mercado e do governo no projeto SIX é estratégico, relevante e necessário ao Brasil. E está em conformidade o que por mim foi escrito no livro; O Sociocapitalismo - por um Mundo Melhor. Por esse motivo fiquei feliz ao ler um minúsculo artigo no jornal O Estado de São Paulo de hoje (13.01.2014; intitulado "Semicondutores - Argentino vem ao país comprar fatia de Eike na Six".

O referido artigo diz: "O bilionário argentino Eduardo Eurnekian, presidente da Corporación América, desembarcou hoje no Brasil para negociar a compra da participação e 33% que o empresário Eike Batista tem na fábrica Six Semicondutores".

Como se trata de um item estratégico para qualquer país não descarto a possibilidade que nossos "hermanos" argentinos tenham vindo ao Brasil com aval do governo argentino, então nosso parceiro no Mercosul. E essa parceria do Mercosul é especialmente estratégica para colocar a América Latina, no primeiro mundo neste século.