terça-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2012

Global Crisis: The Birth of Sociocapitalism
I have said that the current global crisis is very different from other previous crises, that there were in the capitalist system. Crisis is a moment of transformation represents the political, economic and social, that prepares the world for the current post-capitalism, which Peter Drucker, the father of modern management, mentioned in his book Post-Capitalist Society, published in 1993. In this book sociocapitalismo Drucker coined the term to describe the new system would replace capitalism.
Well, Drucker was a visionary who tried to describe this new system, although using fallacious reasoning.
But this is meaningless. After all, Drucker had the merit to have predicted the dramatic changes that capitalism would suffer and that the transform.
And this time provided by Drucler arrived in the form of this transformative global crisis.
A radiograph of the situation we quickly removed the media show that trend:
- The U.S. continues to tax the brink.
- Japan continues with its stagnant economy.
- The crisis in Europe and high level of unemployment, the struggle to save the Euro.
- Brazil, Russia, India and China have serious problems of corruption and demagrafia that undertake long-term strategic results.
Anyway, the words of Professor Lawrence Summers (former Treasury secretary under President Bill Clinton), corroborate the trend:
"In much of the industrial world, what started as a financial problem is becoming a profound structural issue." And Summers continues:
"There will be calls for changes in the international economic architecture."
If you want to know more about the moment of rupture that capitalism and socialism crossing, read e-book: "The Sociocapitalismo - for a Better World."FFree in: www.slideshare.net / pjvalente / o-sociocapitalismo.
Source: Article from Lawrence Summers, titled: "Caught in a tug of war economic" - published in the Washington Post / O Estado de São Paulo, on 10/17/2012

Global X Ray

1 - Poverty in the U.S.: 47% of the population relies on some form of government. Proliferate cities of tents (slum settlements), as deplorable "Tent City." Capitalism is in a state of obsolescence and that will change.

2 - Bashar Assad, the time of death. Game over.

3 - The Latin American independence consolidating the great powers. In the coming decades the monument in Memorial Latin America: "Open Veins of Latin" by Oscar Niemeyer, is a portrait page turning story.

4 - The militarized Israeli government that commits war crimes and illegal occupation of Palestinian land, is put in check by the international community.

5 - The world seeks a new balance political, economic and social, in the midst of crisis: "The Sociocapitalism."

6 - The Sociocapitalism is emerging as a result of the convergence market capitalism & socialism, now underway.

7 - A New Order and a new UN Global dawns.

8 - The Brazil stands out as one of the pillars of the New Order.

9 - The thought asymmetric gain importance for the progress of the planet, supplementing and even replacing the "logical thinking Greek" in certain cases (eg in quantum mechanics).

10 - Europe and the U.S. will no longer be the center of the world.

The center of the multipolar world of the 21st century will be Asia.   Learn more. Read the book "The Sociocapitalism - for a Better World." Free at: www. slideshare.net/pjvalente/the-sociocapitalism