sexta-feira, 11 de outubro de 2013

Meditating efficiently .

The technique teaches you to meditate Asian efficiently you should be in a quiet place and calm . Then choose a posture : sit or lie down . Then close your eyes and try to focus on the tip of the nose . Note that this is an equilateral triangle facing down . Then try not to think about anything specific. And let the thoughts come and go at will. But do not try to deepen them .

But the method I developed you should concentrate on the third eye which is just above the nose , between the eyes . This is the same place where the Indian women wear the " garnish " on the forehead .
To facilitate the concentration in wet look set roles foreheads right and left at the third eye (like Indian ) . The wet papers , which are the size of a coin , are fixed at the locations indicated by finger pressure .
Note that the papers will form a triangle facing up . And it symbolizes God to spiritualists .
Well , in less than three minutes so concentrated you have a brain relaxation amazing. And your conscience will be expanded .
Try and see.