terça-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2013

HAPPY 2014 to all Brothers of this Life

Early in life I did not understand the saying " We are all brothers by Adam and Eve." Fortunately now I already have enough understanding to realize that we are all equal before God. We form a vast family called humanity. And that within us, no matter who dwells an immortal divine spark. That nothing in this world really belongs to us and we are here in passing. For here we come to learn, teach, cooperate, work and produce good works and especially to love, among other things. For everything else without love has little value. And the end of all, when our earthly life is over, know that " little " thing here we go. We will take the essentials for our "heavenly journey": a bright spirit - our greatest treasure. What is not easy . So we suffer and struggle to transform our immediate and materialistic ego. But no matter, there in "heaven," where now dwells where many of our ancestors, our spiritual treasure will not be eroded by moths or rust. And as a reward for persevering in lighting, especially for good thoughts and actions, and finally by this accumulated spiritual treasure that Christ spoke much, receive and return the desired divine glory. Many spiritualists call ecstasy or Nirvana.
That said my brother or sister, wherever you are, get a strong spiritual hug me. May God continue to bless us . And we are grateful to them for our lives. Especially for understanding and love.
Happy new year to you.
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