sexta-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2013


1 - We lost Mandela , but not his legacy .

2 - The Black Bocks troubled , yet not weakened our democracy , but rather contributed to improve it .

3 - The revolt of the young Brazilians in São Paulo and began to spread throughout Brazil , it really was not just due to R $ 3.20 bus fare of São Paulo . The revolt of youth was much longer . Showed to our society that a lot needs to change in the political , economic and social fields , and in all levels of government : Federal , State and Municipal .
Observing a globalized point of view, the revolt of the Brazilian is in the context of other uprisings around the world against the old order , using the Internet . Examples are - " Occupy Wall Street " and " uprisings in Arab countries .

4 - The Corruption and rampant violence in the country reached its apex , especially because of the lax and permissive Brazilian law . The good side is that going forward things will tend to harden for bandits and corrupt . It also indicated that our indirect democracy is advancing towards direct democracy in which the people truly wields power .

5 - The country 's tiny " GDP " against the stigmatized corrupted media portrayal of São Paulo , is helping those in need : the poorest Brazilians. Because of that the middle class is expanding . And that is good for Brazil , a fact that even ps serious economists recognize the outside . Another example of inclusive development are complex wind energy . Some already operating in the Northeast and I had the opportunity to meet . Others are being built or expanded everywhere where wind is plentiful . Soon the Brazilian Northeast and other regions will be as " Emirate of electricity ." And it definitely will help boost these regions for the desired economic and social progress .

6 - Finally , despite the global crisis and military disagreements in some regions of the world , nations are now seeking to work for a better world for everyone. So YOUNG UN is emerging . And especially for the first time in history , comes a Global Era free of hegemonic empires .
Because of what I wrote above , I am optimistic for the year 2014 .

Happy new year .
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